Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OMG -- Like, gag me with a fanny pack

OK, despite the title of this blog posting I didn't think last night's "Gossip Girl" flashback episode -- actually a backdoor pilot for a spinoff about the teen years of Serena's mom, Lily -- was all that bad. I mean, it did allow us a chance to see Dick Casablancas from "Veronica Mars" busting it up to "The Safety Dance." No episode that includes that is a total waste.
But it was, at least, a partial waste. I wanted more present-day conflict. I wanted to see more about the Georgina vs. Poppy smackdown that was set up in last week's episode. And I definitely wanted more of prom. I mean, the prom show is one of the highlights of any series set in a high school. All we got were a few stray scenes of Chuck helping Blair realize her prom fantasy -- it was sweet, but I wanted more of it.
Anyway, the 80's flashback stuff was OK, but I think I detected a few anachronisms. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure "as if" was an early 90s thing, not an early 80s thing. And I hated all the ridiculous wink-wink references (Lily's sister invested in the development of the fannypack! Har-de-har-har!).
Plus, is it just me or does Brittany Snow, who plays young Lily, have a TOTALLY different eye color than Kelly Rutherford, who portrays adult Lily?
Despite all that, there was some good stuff, namely Krysten Ritter -- last seen giving Jesse the runaround on "Breaking Bad" -- as Lily's sister and 80's icon Andrew McCarthy as Lily's dad. And, incidentally, I'm pretty sure we met Serena and Eric's dad, finally. The sleazy video director Lily accosted at the party was named Van Der Woodsen, in case you didn't catch it. So that's exciting.
Due to an unusually strong development slate for next year's season, there's been some talk that the CW actually won't make the Lily-in-the-80's show. Gotta say, I'm good either way. I guess it could be kind of fun if they toned back all the silly references (and showed us a LOT more of Cynthia Watros as Lily's icy mom), but I'm not itching to see it.
What do you think?

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