Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Luck" recap: Secrets, lies and bow-legged goats

I've written briefly about HBO's new drama "Luck" in this space a couple of times -- once in December, when HBO aired a sneak preview of the show after the "Boardwalk Empire" finale and once last week, in advance of the pilot's re-airing in its original time slot. But, as I really enjoy the show, I'm hoping to write a weekly recap. This is the first of those. Normally, I'd tell you there are spoilers below, but, if you haven't already seen the "Luck" pilot at least once by now, you probably don't much care about the show. Still, don't click through if you don't want to know.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Fox drama is a "Touch" manipulative, but entertaining

Does Kiefer Sutherland have a lot of anger issues? I only ask because the former "Young Gun" rocketed back to stardom playing rage-spewing terrorist fighter Jack Bauer on "24" and, in the first few scenes of his new Fox drama "Touch," he also yells, says "Dammit" and generally act pissed.
But, ultimately, the new series, which has a sneak preview Wednesday at 9 p.m. (it will start its regular run in March) offers a kinder, gentler Kiefer.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The week in I Screen: "Wheels" wraps its first season; "Justified" returns

OK, so, I've fallen behind again. But no fears -- I'm back with some thoughts on the new season of "Justified," and the first season of "Hell on Wheels" and the new show "House of Lies" (yes, it debuted two weeks ago, but stick with me).
And away we go!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

10 best of 2011... in 2012

Yeah, yeah, I know -- 2011 is over. You don't want to read about the 10 best shows of the old year. You're ready for the New Year. You're amped about the return of "Justified," "30 Rock," and the prospect of seeing Sucre from "Prison Break" in a dress on ABC. I hear you. But can you please bear with me for a wee bit? 2011 really did offer some mighty fine TV and I'd like to celebrate some of its offerings before we move on.
And I promise, next week we'll talk about the likes of "Shameless," "House of Lies," and how Albie's closeted boyfriend from "Big Love" looks in a pair of pumps.
But, until then, here's my list of the best TV of 2011 (Note: Some big spoilers below, so you might want to skip around the shows you haven't seen).