Sunday, May 17, 2009

Juliet's cleavage: A farewell

There's been a little bit of controversy over what happened to Elizabeth Mitchell's character, Juliet, in the season finale of "Lost." The day after the finale, several blogs and web sites printed stories stating that the character had been killed off. Other sites refrained from pronouncing the good Dr. Burke dead just yet, pointing out that, if detonating the hydrogen bomb did indeed work the way it was supposed to, then all of the events following the plane crash -- including Juliet's tumble down the swan hatch and subsequent obliteration by hydrogen bomb -- didn't happen. That would mean she's alive and well.
I'm hoping that's the case, as I've always liked the character of Juliet, and admired Mitchell's tough but tender performance in the role. But, if she is indeed dead, there's one thing I won't miss: all those gratuitous shots of Juliet's cleavage. Don't tell me you didn't notice. More than any other character on this show, Juliet was all about putting the girls on display.
She didn't wear a single top that didn't show three-quarters of her rack. And she was ALWAYS bending over. Like always. Sometimes for no reason. I never really noticed it until the season four episode "The Other Woman" when Ben takes Juliet out to view the body of her dead lover, Goodman. She crouches over the corpse crying, and wails to Ben "Why did you bring me here?"
My husband shouted back at the TV "To look at your cleavage!"
Indeed, you could see nearly everything. And, if I recall correctly, she was crouched over that body even more than necessary.
Yes, I know Elizabeth Mitchell is beautiful, and yes, she has a lovely figure. But enough is enough. If the character does come back to life, I hope she covers up a little.

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