Monday, February 2, 2009

My pick for the best Super Bowl commercial

Yes, I know last night's Super Bowl was a pretty good game but, from my perspective, the best part is always the commercials. Last year we got stuck with some pretty stinky ones -- including those racist cartoon pandas -- but this year's crop was all right. Granted, there was nothing quite as much fun as Hank the aspiring Clydesdale from last year (I thought this year's Clydesdale commercials were just so-so), but there were a few that had me chuckling, including the Cash 4 Gold ad with Ed McMahon and MC Hammer trading in artifacts of their once-lavish lifestyle for dough and the ad featuring Conan O'Brien's ill-fated decision to do a commercial overseas.
But my favorite was the commercial about supremely confident David Abernathy. It's everything a commercial should be -- funny, clever and connected to the product.
I've embedded the video below, in case you missed it.

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