Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost recap: Oh. My. God!!!

Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Just...oh my GOD!!!!
So, so much juicy, twisty stuff was revealed on last night's episode of "Lost" that words fail me. And those final moments were so good that I almost didn't care that a big chunk of the episode focused on Jack and Kate, the show's two least interesting characters. In the interest of time (mine and yours) below is a somewhat brief rundown of some of the highlights of the episode, "The Little Prince."
* At the episode's start, we learn that it was Kate's idea, not Jack's, to pretend that Aaron is her baby. Jack agrees reluctantly, and leverages this into persuading Kate to back him in urging the others of the O6 to lie. Huh. Not that interesting, but somewhat important, I guess.
* Charlotte, as it turns out, isn't dead, or even mostly dead. After a few minutes in La-la-land, she wakes up and seems fine. As she's lying unconscious, Sawyer and Juliet good cop-bad cop Daniel about why Charlotte went haywire. Daniel claims that it's some sort of time travel jet lag. Juliet seems skeptical. Meanwhile, a few minutes later, Miles starts getting nosebleeds, just like Charlotte did before her collapse. He pulls Daniel aside and asks why. Again, Daniel blames time travel. But, Miles points out, how can time travel be such a big disturbance to our systems? We just got here. Are you sure about that? Daniel asks. Ahhh. This little tidbit seems to confirm one thing we kind of already knew (that Charlotte was born on the island) and another thing that many observant viewers have already guessed (that Miles was also born on the island, and is possibly the son of Dr. Chang, Dharma scientist and man of many names and disguises). Later, Juliet has the same nosebleeds. Is it because she's lived with the Others for years? Or maybe we'll eventually learn that she, too, was born on the island? I don't know. My head hurts.
* Meanwhile, back on the mainland, Sun keeps getting creepier. She loans Kate a suit so she can go meet again with Mysterious Lawyer Man to discuss the Aaron situation. Kate leaves Aaron with Sun and, shortly after she leaves, Sun receives a package containing surveillance photos of Ben and Jack and a scary, scary gun. Nice touch -- the gun is disguised in a box of chocolates.
* Nice mislead regarding the Aaron situation. Kate tails Mysterious Lawyer Man from her meeting with him, thinking he's going to meet the person who's trying to take Aaron away. She follows him to a hotel room where he's meeting...Claire's mother! But, when Jack goes to talk to Claire's mom, he finds she knows nothing about Aaron. Cut to a few scenes later, and Mysterious Lawyer Man is discussing Hurley's legal situation with Ben. Sayid asks Ben who Mysterious Lawyer Man is. "That's my lawyer," Ben says. Oh Ben, you tiny evil mastermind you.
* While we're on the subject of Hurley, can I just say that the bursting-at-the-seams orange jumpsuit he was wearing while at county lockup was one of the best visual jokes we've seen on the show in a while?
* And, while we're on the subject of Sayid, who else here is waiting impatiently for an episode that consists of nothing but Sayid just beating the snot out of people?! That scene where he outwits, strangles and shoots the Orderly of Death was so great...though, during the strangling scene, I briefly expected him to start yelling "Who does Number Two work for??!!"
* Did anyone else see a connection between something that happened on-island and something that happened off island?: when Jack and Kate first arrive at Claire's mom's hotel, the weather is calm. Then we cut to the islanders, furiously paddling away in their little boat. There, too, the weather is calm, even though people are shooting at them. Then, they time travel, and it's pouring rain all of a sudden. When we cut back to Kate and Jack at Claire's mom's hotel, it's pouring rain there, too. Just wondering if this means something.
* Touching moment: during one of the flashes, the islanders arrive at the night of Boone's death/Aaron's birth. Sawyer sees Kate helping Claire, and watches her wistfully. The relationship between Kate and Sawyer is one of my least favorite parts of the show, but the combination of pain and joy on Sawyer's face upon seeing Kate again was quite lovely. Nice work by Josh Holloway here.
* Oh yeah, and by the way...JIN IS ALIVE!!! Oh my God! When the French folk found the man floating on the raft and turned him over to reveal it was Jin, I nearly burst my husband's eardrums screaming "He's alive! He's alive! WOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"
*And seriously, could they have drawn out the whole Danielle Rousseau reveal any longer? The second we saw the young French woman with long brown hair I shrieked "Danielle!" Then she chatted with Jin, and I kept shrieking "Danielle! Danielle! Danielle Danielle Danielle!" Then we saw her pregnant belly and I yelled "Oh my God! It's Danielle! It's obviously Danielle! Just tell us it's Danielle!" Then, finally, the woman told Jin her name: Danielle Rousseau. Well, duh.
* Did I mention that Jin is alive? JIN IS ALIVE!!!!!!
* The episode, incidentally, takes its title from the classic book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, which I had to read in high school French the original French. Oh yes. I am super-sophisticated.
* NOTE: This is an update to the post, on Friday, Feb. 6. I was apparently so excited about the return of Jin that I neglected to mention the creepy scene where Sawyer and co. discover that Rose, Bernie, Vincent, etc. are all gone from the beach. Also, it seems another plane, from an airline called Ajira Airways, also crashed on the island. Not sure what this means yet, but it seemed worth mentioning.

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MsRaeNYC said...

OH MY GOD IS RIGHT! And yes, Kate IS BY FAR the least interesting character on this show. Personally, I am waiting to see who the hell this Jacob is...and perhaps catch a glimpse of Charlie. *swoon*

Even though my head hurts as much as yours, I still love this show.

P.S. I remember reading de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince--it's still in my collection at home.