Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Lost" recap: Smokey on the water

Previously on "Lost," I nearly burst a lung shrieking when Jin came back from the dead, with the aid of a young Danielle Rousseau. Then, on this week's episode, I was treated to the return of Smokey, the pilot-gobbling, white-noise spewing "security system" that occasionally snakes around the island destroying all in its path.
Oh, "Lost," you are far too good to me.
Anyway, here are some more highlights from episode five, "This Place is Death."
* Can I just take a moment to talk about how much I missed Jin? I missed him so much, and am so glad he's back. Throughout the course of the series, he's gone from a strong, silent bully to a warm, loving husband willing to do anything to protect his wife and child -- even if it means never seeing them again. And, I know everyone is all about Penny and Desmond, but Jin and Sun remain my favorite "Lost" couple. Even when they're apart, they seem so connected, so motivated by their love for each other. Also loved the moment when Jin and Sawyer reunited (though, seriously what was up with the look of surprise on Jin's face when he turned around and saw Sawyer? Didn't he recognize that voice immediately? I sure did. But perhaps I'm a bit more tuned in to Sawyer than Jin is. Tee hee.)
* Ok, back to business -- Jin quickly realizes that something is not right, due to the appearance of Young Danielle, and the fact that she apparently thinks it's the 1980s. He starts to take the French crew to the radio tower. We get a cute interlude between Danielle and her mate Robert about the gender of Danielle's baby. He thinks it will be a boy -- Alexander. But she's convinced it's a girl, Alexandra. We know she's right, which makes us love Danielle all the more. Of course, this cuteness is interrupted by a visit from our favorite island ghoul, Smokey the wacky smoke monster. Yay!
* We quickly learn how Danielle's colleague Montand lost his arm and, frankly, I was kind of glad. Sort of a jerk, wasn't he?
* We learn that people can actually be possessed by the island and change personality. It happened to Robert, right before Danielle shot him.
* Poor Charlotte. She was just starting to get interesting, and now I'm pretty sure she's dead for good. Though the nosebleeds continue in all the previously afflicted people (Sawyer gets one, too), they're the worst in Charlotte. She can't walk, and starts to go a bit batty, talking about her father, hearing music, etc. Is her consciousness traveling in time? I'm not sure -- she was pretty lucid most of the time. At any rate, she starts to deteriorate, getting worse with each flash. The group wants to go to the Orchid, but Dan won't leave Charlotte. When they're alone, Charlotte admits that she was born on the island (which we kind of already knew) and that she and her mother left years ago -- but her dad stayed behind. Huh. I know this is a long shot, but is it possible that Charles Widmore has another daughter? She also says that, when she was young, a man came to her telling her not to return to the island, because she would die. Turns out that man was...Daniel? Huh. We have seen him in the past, so it's possible. Not long after, Charlotte dies (I think).
* Quick thought: remember how, when we first see Daniel, he's watching news of the 815 crash and crying -- and doesn't know why he's crying? I'm now pretty sure that those tears were over Charlotte.
* Nice moment with Charlotte in Jin. He babbles in Korean and asks her to translate. Everyone assumes he's talking to Miles. "I'm from Encino," Miles whines. Ha.
* Quick mention here of "the well." When Sawyer suggests that the Orchid might not be there when the gang gets to it, Charlotte creepily intones "go to the well." When the gang gets to the Orchid, it is there, then Juliet jinxes everybody by expressing her glee. Of course, they travel in time...and the Orchid disappears. Juliet's ill-timed gloating does not go unnoticed by Sawyer. But, hey look -- it's a well. I'll be damned.
* The episode gets its title from Charlotte's warning to Jin not to bring Sun back. Jin is immediately convinced, and begs Locke not to find Sun. What if she finds me? Locke asks. Tell her I died, Jin says, handing Locke is wedding ring to use as proof. Of course, this is the same ring Ben uses to prove Jin is alive. Argh.
* When John is trapped in the well, he meets up with Christian Shepherd, who tells him the time travel nonsense is due to the fact that Ben moved the island, not Locke. He leads injured Locke to the Frozen Donkey Wheel and he departs.
* Best exchange:
Christian -- Say hi to my son.
Locke -- Who's your son?
*And now, sadly, I must discuss the Oceanic Six. Sigh. I am so OVER the Oceanic Six. Yes, I love Sun, Sayid and Hurley but they need to get to the island already. When Kate and Sayid took off at the airport, my husband groaned "This is so frustrating!" Indeed.
* Michael Emerson, however, continues to rock it as Ben. Every word out of his mouth is gold. Just give him the damn Emmy already!
* So, Ben convinces Sun Jin is alive, she doesn't kill him and the go to the church where Mrs. Hawking is. Desmond is there, too, looking for Dan's mom. Turns out, she's Mrs. Hawking (I think), which we sort of already knew. Mrs. Hawking chastises Ben for not bringing everyone. This is the best I can do on short notice. Mrs. Hawking gets to work.
Next week, I believe we learn more about Locke's quest to bring the Six back and maybe, just maybe, they start to head back to the island. Please, please, please.

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