Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reviewing Fox's "New Girl": It's Zooey-rific!

Is there really any point to reviewing the new Fox sitcom "New Girl," which premieres tonight at 9 on Fox? It stars Zooey Deschanel and your opinion on the show depends almost entirely on how you feel about her.

Do you find her sassy, funny and adorable (or, in the parlance of the show's tiresome ad campaign 'adorkable')? Does the idea of her dancing around, crying, cracking wise and singing to herself fill you with joy? Then this is your show!
Do you find Deschanel twee and grating? Then you will run screaming from the room shouting 'My eyes! My eyes!"
As I fall somewhere down the middle, I found "New Girl" -- and its leading lady -- fitfully charming. Clearly, this is supposed to be a sort of modern "Mary Tyler Moore" show. Deschanel's character, Jess, even composes "Love is All Around"-esque theme songs about herself. But instead of pompous anchorman Ted Baxter, spunk-hating boss Lou Grant, and sad sack Murray, Jess has three male roommates, whom she moves in with after a break-up. One (Max Greenfield) is a pompous twit who constantly has to put money in a "douchebag jar." One (Damon Wayans, Jr., soon to depart back to his gig on ABC's "Happy Endings") is a yelling spunk-hater. And the third (Jake Johnson) is a sad sack nursing a broken heart.
Yes, it's derivative, but the guys are likable and Deschanel does give the part her all. Personally, I think she's trying a little too hard. But she is engaging at times, as is the show. It's worth a look, unless you hate Deschanel. Then run. Seriously.


Bill Scurry said...

This sounds exactly like the kind of boxy industry thinking that creates 88% of the canceled new shows every December. If you're going to go through the trouble of putting all this effort into a TV show, why don't they attempt to make it unique?

Bill Scurry said...

"September"... whoops.