Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Lost" recap: All the pieces matter

Spoilers on tonight's episode of "Lost" after the break, so don't click through if you don't want to know.

OK, so on tonight's episode of "Lost," all the pieces began to fall into place. The Alt-Losties (with a little help from Sayid and Desmond) are rapidly being pulling into each other's orbits.We've got Jack, Jin, Sun, and Locke at the hospital for sure. Ben might be there too, though we only saw him in the ambulance. Meanwhile, Kate and Sayid have both been arrested by Sawyer and Miles. Desmond has pulled Ilana, Claire and Jack together.
I imagine it's only a matter of time until they're all in one place. But then what? What is Desmond's end game? What happens if they're all together?
 Meanwhile, back on the Island, the Original Gangsta Losties are mostly back together. Of course, they break up again, like, moments after being reunited. Why can't you just stay together, people?!
Anyway, now we've got Locke and (a possibly zombie-fied?) Jack together, with a duplicitous Sayid in their orbit and a strings-pulling Desmond lurking somewhere on the Island (no, I don't think Sayid killed him. Come on -- is that a serious question?).
And on the Hydra, we've got Sawyer, Hugo, Kate, Lapidus, Claire and (yay!) Sun and Jin held at gunpoint by Widmore's mousy geophysicist sidekick.
So what's going on here? Why did the Widminions turn on Team Sawyer and bomb Team Locke? Is leaving the Island really the right decision? Will it happen? And, if Sawyer, Kate and co. do manage to leave, what will become of them?
And how does this tie into the Alt-World?
Despite all these questions, I do feel like we're getting closer to the truth. All the pieces are starting to fall into place, though I'm still not sure what they all add up to. Even so, while this week's episode, "The Last Recruit," isn't on a level with "Ab Aeterno" or "Happily Ever After," it was darned good. It set everything in motion for the final few episodes, and had a few powerful moments (Sun and Jin! Sun and Jin!).
Anyway, I can't think of a better way to sum up this episode than with a series of bullet points, so here goes:
* Sun and Jin are finally together again in Island world! And in Alt-World, Sun is alive and the baby is fine! Sigh. I hope that doesn't mean something horrible is about to happen to them. At any rate, Daniel Dae Kim and Yujin Kim were typically excellent in both sides of their story tonight. Jin's strength and tenderness when he comforted Sun in the hospital was just adorable. And yes, it was corny that Island Sun could speak normally again once Jin was by her side, but I still bought it. Swoon!
* However, what does it mean that wounded Alt-Sun freaks out upon seeing wounded Alt-Locke? Is she remembering something? Maybe she was close to death, and got a sort of second sight -- much like how those who died on the Island still have memories of it in their Alt-life. 
* Um, is it wrong that I kind of have a thing for Alt-Ben? He was so sweet and strong with Locke in the ambulance. When Locke uses the past tense in talking about his impending marriage to Helen, Ben kindly corrects him: "You're STILL going to marry her!" Hmm. I kind of dig this Ben. Sigh. I have issues.
* Just as Alt-Jack and son are getting along better, they get a bombshell in the form of Alt-Claire. But father and son take the news relatively well, considering. Meanwhile, on the island, Crazy Claire has figured out that Jack is her brother. Did Locke Mess tell her? Did she find out earlier and I just don't remember it? At any rate, we get it confirmed that the "ghost" of Christian Jack and Claire saw was, in fact, Locke Mess. And I loved Locke Mess's explanation for why he took Christian's form: "You needed to find water."
* Back in Alt-world, I have to admit that Alt-Desmond is starting to creep me out. He was so intense and insistent with Claire, I kept waiting for her to call for security. She did seem a little eek-ed out by him. But, she trusts him enough to go see his lawyer friend...who turns out to be Ilana. When Ilana seemed to recognize Claire, I thought she was having Island memories, like the other Island dead. But no -- she just recognizes Claire's name from Christian's will. Hmm.
* Say what you want about Kate, but the Alt version of Freckles quickly figures out why Sawyer didn't turn her in at the airport -- he didn't want anyone to know he'd been to Australia. Of course! So simple!
* I love how Alt-Sayid -- a trained killer who's managed to evade untold horrors -- is tripped up by a garden hose. Heh!
* Meanwhile, Island Sayid is sent to kill Desmond. Apparently, even though the well Locke Mess pushed him into looked really deep, it was only really the depth of your average public pool. Hmm. Convenient. Locke Mess tells Sayid he can get Nadia back if he kills Desmond. When Sayid shares this with Des, the Scot asks Sayid a very important question -- what are you going to tell her you did to spare her life? This seems to give Sayid pause. This had me thinking -- if Locke Mess can sway people to his cause by speaking to them, what if Desmond has the same power? That explains why no one in the Alt-World runs away when he shows up, all creepy.
* Is Sawyer the new Jack? He seems very intolerant of anyone who disagrees with him. And, honestly, Jack had a point -- if Locke Mess wants to leave the Island, maybe it is because he's afraid of what will happen if they stay. At any rate, it's still unclear who made the right decision. Sawyer ends up facing down the barrels of many guns, and Jack is knocked asunder by a shelling from the Widminions.
* Nice touch -- the shot of Jack lying on the ground after the blast is a total call back to the first scene of the pilot.
* Um, is Jack a zombie now? Locke Mess pulls him to safety and tells him "You're with me." Jack does seem a little zonked out. Has he been sipping the Locke Mess Kool-Aid? I'm kind of worried about him.
* A nice moment from Evangeline Lilly when she convinces Claire to climb aboard the Elizabeth. You can see her guilt and pain over what she did to Claire, and over the possibility of losing Aaron. Nicely played.
* Were Jeff Fahey and Burt Reynolds ever in a movie together? I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. But Sawyer's right -- Lapidus totally looks like he could have ridden shotgun with the Bandit.


Bill Scurry said...

I'm over Crazy Claire... that bird's nest wig is killing me. It looks like Crystal Bowersox's actual hairdos. She's gone feral, put down the woobie. Also, anyone else notice that alt-Ilana lost her indeterminable accent and spoke American English? Huh?

I'm a little tired of the writers coming up with new plot contrivances to relocate groups of people each episode in circles without ever quite reaching their intended destination. People walking and talking is only marginally better than people sitting and talking -- either way, not much is moving along.

The Colonel said...

Nah, I don't think Jack's a zombie. I think he realizes, without really understanding it, that he's needed on the Island. I don't know if he's really "with" Smocke or not, but I think he's now invested in having things play out as they "should."

@Bill: Regarding the contrivances, are you referring to the island world, the LA world, or both? The LA world reeks of contrivance, but I believe that may be because the characters are stuck in some kind of simulacrum there, that the world itself is a contrivance. Or at least that may be the point the writers are working toward. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Anonymous said...

And, most importantly, when can we see Charlie die again?

Milcz said...

Did anyone totally think we were watching a Davidoff commercial when Sawyer was driving that boat?