Monday, April 12, 2010

'Glee' returns!

It doesn't feel like "Glee" is still in its first season, does it?
Given that Fox aired a "sneak preview" of the perky musical comedy nearly a year ago, and that the show's cast has been everywhere from the White House to "Oprah," the series feels like it's been on forever. Yet we're merely in the middle of its freshman year.
Considering how overexposed the show has been, you'd think enthusiasm for it would have waned, but the show's fans seem to be hotly anticipating the second half of the season, which begins Tuesday at 9:28 p.m. To them I say -- you won't be disappointed. I've see the first three new episodes and, so far, the show's mix of musical numbers and teen angst remains fresh.
When we last left the singin', dancin' kids of New Directions, they had just won Sectionals and things were looking up. Coach Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) was leaving his odious wife and falling into the arms of loving guidance counselor Emma (Jayma Mays). Evil cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (the hilarious Jane Lynch) had been exposed for the malicious manipulator she is and ousted from her job.
When the show returns, it loses no time in making things crazy again. Having won Sectionals, the kids must now win Regionals to keep their club. Oh, and without spoiling too much, let me just say that Sue Sylvester can't be sidelined for long.
The musical numbers come even faster and more furious this time around and, while Tuesday's episode has few showstopper's (save Cory Montheith's Finn wailing the heck out of The Doors's "Hello, I Love You"), the next episode is an instant classic. Called "The Power of Madonna," it features the Glee kids tearing it up to some of the Material Girl's best number. I won't spoil the episode's highlight, except to say it involves a reworking of the iconic video for "Vogue." Oh, and it's the reigning champ for my favorite TV moment of the year.
"Glee" isn't perfect. Cohesive plotting and character development is often tossed aside for showmanship. And the show's stories often fall into a predictable pattern: Glee team encounters obstacle. They struggle, then they overcome.
But really, it's hard to quibble with a show that's just so entertaining. No, "Glee" isn't perfect, but it is super-fun.


Cikgu Hasan said...
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Michele said...

Can't wait for Vogue! It's coming back!