Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FX announces mid-season schedule; also gives an end date to my suffering

Is there anything more terrifying than the unknown? I don't think so.
For months, I've been wondering when exactly FX would end its plastic surgery drama "Nip/Tuck," a show that I've continued watching, despite the fact that I no longer really enjoy it. Now I finally know -- March 3, 2010. Whew.
That's a relief. Now I know there's only a few more months that I have to endure the show's bizarre character changes and increasingly distasteful storylines (seriously -- was anyone begging for a Matt McNamara prison rape arc? Hasn't the boy been through enough?). The show's final season starts Jan. 6. Now, it's currently in its penultimate season, so that means there will be little break between its two seasons, giving me little respite before the sprint to the finish line. But I don't care -- as long as it ends soon.
In other FX mid-season news, the new animated comedy Archer debuts on Thursday, January 14; and the third season of the Emmy and Golden Globe award winning drama Damages starts on Monday, January 25. The new sitcom "Louie" with Louis C.K. is slated to start in spring and the Timothy Olyphant series "Justified" starts some time in March.
One last note: "Justified" was originally called "Lawman." As far as I know, no one has actually come out and said that the name was changed to avoid confusion with the A&E reality series "Steven Seagal: Lawman." If no one has mentioned it yet, let me be the first to start this rumor.


Damages tv show said...

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Bill Scurry said...

How Tim Olyphant keeps getting work mystifies me. He is good in an ensemble cast, but speaking as the one guy who watched the last "Die Hard" movie he made, this guy is DOA in any role outside of his comfort zone.

TV Writer said...

Agreed -- he's a lot like Dominic West that way. But this project looks like it's in his wheelhouse. He's playing a Southern lawman. And the show has an excellent pedigree. It's from Graham Yost, of "Band of Brothers" fame and is based on a character created by Elmore Leonard. Plus, I hear rumors that Walton Goggins guest stars in the first ep (sigh. Why only "guest"? Why not just "star"? In anything?).
So I have high hopes.