Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Dexter" season finale recap: "The Getaway"

Look, I was expecting certain things from the season four finale of "Dexter." I expected that Dexter (Michael C. Hall) would finally catch up with Arthur Mitchell, aka the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow). I expected that Debra would learn that Harry's CI/girlfriend was Dexter's mom, Laura. I expected a lot of dumb shenanigans with LaGuerta and Angel.
But what I didn't expect was that ending.
After what seemed like the episode's natural climax -- Dexter killing Trinity -- we saw Dexter returning home to (he thought) an empty house, to collect his bags and meet up with his wife, Rita (Julie Benz) for their honeymoon. But, upon calling Rita, he realized her cell phone was at home...along with her purse. Then, he hears his baby son Harrison crying in the bathroom.
And that's where he finds Rita, dead, in the bathtub, marinating in her own blood. And Harrison, sitting on the floor, covered in Rita's blood in an eerie echo of how Dexter was found by Harry as a child.
Apparently, the Trinity killer left something behind before Dexter caught up with him.
It was a shocker and a real game-changer for the show. If you ask me, it was much needed. The Rita scenes were becoming a real drain on the series, and domestic life was threatening to turn Dexter -- a MURDERER, lest we forget -- into little more than a house cat. The death of Rita tears down everything Dexter has been trying to build these four seasons. His facade of a normal life is gone. What happens now? Does he continue to raise his children alone? Does he take off and re-build some place else? It opens the story up immensely, and I'm eager to see what happens next.

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fumanchu360 said...

i just finished watching the episode not too long ago and afterwards i was looking for someone to talk to. OMG just when i thought this show couldnt get any better it justs keeps throwing these amazing twists that lakes it really the best show out there. I honestly cant thank the people who work on dexter enough for an outstanding season! Whatever they make should be tripled!