Sunday, October 11, 2009

Please find "Southland" a home

Many entertainment reporters, including Entertainment Weekly's Ken Tucker, are announcing the NBC has canceled the fine cop drama "Southland"... before the show even has a chance to start its second season.
It was bad enough that NBC was dumping this fine, if low-rated, drama on Friday night. But, at least there, it might have had some shot at building an audience. But to cut off the show at the knees before it even starts the season? Tsk, tsk.
Such a shame. Though "Southland" had its flaws (it could be tough to engage with at times), it was intelligent, challenging and gave meaty roles to talented performers. Chief among these was Regina King, who was so good as a compassionate but tough cop that she put a new, refreshing spin on this increasingly ubiquitous archetype.
In his story, Tucker holds out hope that "Southland" could go to another network, and suggests TNT. I agree that the show would fit nicely with that network's slate of character-driven cop shows. I also think it would be excellent on FX (a worthy successor to The Shield, perhaps?), but that network is already so crowded, with a large slate of shows coming. So what do you suggest? Would you like to see "Southland" continue? Where do you think it should go?


Anonymous said...

Go here for more information on Southland and how you can help the show find a new home.

einnoczg said...

the only problem with southland going to TNT is that TNT committed to 'dark blue'. another cop drama just would not work there, i think.