Monday, October 5, 2009

"Entourage" finale recap: "Give a Little Bit"

I don't have much to say on this season's finale of "Entourage," except that it didn't really feel like a finale, did it?
Most of the major arcs revolved around the supporting characters and not Vince, a rarity on this show (for finales, at least). I liked how it resolved the Lloyd-Ari plot, and believed that Ari would forgive Lloyd for abandoning him (because who wouldn't love Lloyd?). Did I believe Lloyd would forgive Ari for all his abuse? Eh. I don't know. But I bought that Lloyd would buy Ari's epiphany following the apology from Terrance. And, honestly, I like these two better together than apart. It's sort of like a dysfunctional marriage. These two men might fight and insult and torture each other, but there is real love and dependence there. In fact, I'd say it's the most believable relationship on the show.
The second most believable is that between Ari and his wife. I liked that therapy scene, as it showed a very honest push-pull between this very authentic married couple. Of course, she wouldn't just hand her money over to Ari, especially since she's sure he's just using it to exact revenge.
But, of course, Ari could talk her into seeing the situation his way. That was, after all, a very good speech.
As for the relationship between the four guys, it was, as it's been all season, the weakest part of the show. I did really love the Matt Damon cameo. The star again showed his versatility, played a hilariously self-righteous version of himself (also loved the brief, but equally funny, bits by Bono and LeBron James). The Damon cameo also inspired the best Drama line of the night ("He Jason Bourne-d me!").
But, as for the Turtle-Jamie and Eric-Sloane stories, I just didn't care. I will never care. Yes, Eric's been marginally less dull this season, and Turtle's been a skotch less useless, but it's just too little, too late. I really hope HBO gets the good sense to pull the plug some time soon.
I'll stick with it for the continually great work by Jeremy Piven by Ari and the underrated work by Rex Lee as Lloyd.
But I'm not terribly invested.

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