Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A show I won't be writing about

Another show premiering on Thursday is NBC's new drama "The Listener." But I've been so swamped with my vacation, series finales, and new cable shows that I didn't even have time to request a screener, let alone watch the show. So, you won't see a review here. But I would like to take a quick minute to talk about a trend that "The Listener" seems to be continuing: the "The ___" trend. You know, as in "The Mentalist," "The Locator," "The Cleaner," "The Closer," "The Beast" and, coming soon from the network that brought you "The Listener," "The Philanthropist." Lots of people seem to be noticing this trend. Amy Antangelo, aka TV Gal, mentioned it in her latest blog posting. And SNL did this hilarious send-up on the "The" trend. By the way, I happen to like "The Closer," but my husband hates it and, thus, adores Kristen Wiig's spot-on Kyra Sedgwick imitation. Even I must admit it's pretty funny ("CON-FAYYYYSSSS!!!")
So, in summary, I have no review of "The Listener." But I give the "The" trend a thumbs-down.

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einnoczg said...

i had forgotten about the SNL promo for "the looker". that's fantastic!