Monday, June 22, 2009

"Jon & Kate," minus me

Note to American media outlets:
Please, please, please stop telling me to care about the reality show "Jon & Kate Plus Eight." Really. I'm sick of not being able to check my e-mail without seeing a tease on Yahoo for some "shocking" story about the troubled Gosselin spouses and their poor, unfortunate, oversized brood. I have seen umpteen blog postings about tonight's "special" episode, in which there will be some big announcement. What will it be? Divorce? Separation? Moving the show to Tuesday nights?
I don't know. I've not seen one episode of this series. And, for a long time, it seemed OK that I'd never watched it. But, over the past few months, countless stories and blogs have told me that I HAVE to care about this saga. I've been told that I must care about the growing animosity between Jon and Kate, which, I guess, is increasingly visible on screen. I've been told that Kate is a monster, and that there's video of her being cruel to her children. I've also been told that her haircut is stupid.
Why am I being told this? Why is the fate of Jon and Kate and the eight of such great importance all of a sudden?
Yes, it's sad that a highly visible couple with children is having problems. I feel bad that their marriage isn't working out. I feel bad that their many, many children will probably be scarred forever by the combination of their parents' tense relationship and the omnipresence of cameras in their life. But I don't need to hear about it every minute.
In fact, I don't need to hear about it at all. There's a reason why I avoid "Jon & Kate," and most reality shows in general. I like living in my reality-free bubble. I do not appreciate constantly having it punctured. So please, stop telling me to care. Stop bombarding me with "news" about the Gosselins. I don't care. I'm allowed not to care. Leave me alone.

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