Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The loss of Moss?

I haven't yet posted about this week's "24," but I know a lot of people are abuzz over the final few minutes in which we learned that -- GASP! -- Tony Almeida was apparently evil all along!
I honestly didn't think it was worth remarking on, because a) "24" throws in these twists all the time and b) I sort of figured Tony was going to turn out to be genuinely evil, judging from the fact that we've barely seen him all season. Clearly, he had been up to no good. But I decided to write something anyway, mainly because of another conversation brewing among "24" fans -- namely that Larry Moss, the FBI agent that Tony supposedly killed at the episode's end isn't dead.
Some sharp-eared fans pointed out that Moss's death didn't get the infamous "24" silent clock. As fans know, the clock that flashes before the commercial breaks and the end of an episode stops beeping when a major character dies.
Already this season, we've gotten a silent clock for the death of Bill Buchanan. Edgar, Teri, Palmer, Ryan Chappelle and others all go silent clocks. The lack of a silent clock after Tony's "death" in season five was used to set up his return this season. Renee even got a silent clock when she was buried alive earlier this season, though she didn't die.
So why no silent clock for Larry? Was it because he simply wasn't an important enough character? Or maybe he isn't dead. Maybe Tony's "suffocation" of him was feigned. It's an intriguing idea. Though if Tony takes yet another turn, I might whiplash.
On the other hand, I definitely would prefer for Tony to be good.
Any thoughts?

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author said...

I hadn't thought of Larry not being dead, very interesting. And is it wrong that I never noticed the silent clock thing before?