Friday, April 10, 2009

An I Screen bonus

So, to make up for yesterday's late "Lost" posting, I've decided to include a bonus post this week. No, it's not about "Lost." It's actually a link to Bilge, a web show hosted by my friends Bill and Janice. Every week, the two them sit on their couch and talk about random pop culture things. Surprisingly, the show is really involved, as evidenced by the fairly intricate "Rock of Love" parody at the top of this week's episode. Eventually, it kind of devolves into an argument over who has the bigger scroll. But it's still funny. So, if you enjoy reality shows and absurdity, click here.


Janice Erlbaum said...

No way! You did not! Thank you!

Bill Scurry said...

We;ll thank you, but your existing readership will not, I reckon. Keep checking those referral stats for a sudden dropoff, especially from the Flemish.

TV Writer said...

Gasp! Not the Flemish! They're my key demographic!
Anyway, don't mention it -- you guys have been more than generous in your support. This is my way of saying thanks.