Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost recap: "Oh...what?"

The words uttered by one Hugo Reyes during last night's episode of "Lost" kind of sum up the feelings of many fans about the show. It seems like just when we kinda know what's going on, BAM! The whole damn thing changes, and we're back in the 70s, wearing jumpsuits and being told that we're best suited for janitorial work.
Still, this week's episode was pretty awesome. We learned that Amy/Michelle's baby is named Ethan -- presumably the same survivor-infiltrating, Claire-napping Ethan we all know and love. There was a reunion of on-islanders and off-islanders. We got to see Jin go all bad cop on Sayid. Sun walloped Ben with an oar (which was so rule-some, I can't even begin to go into it. Sun is fierce!). And, of course, we were once again treated to the sight of a young Ben, bearing a sandwich for poor caged up Sayid. Clearly, with so much awesomeness floating around, this episode defies a straightforward recap. So, I'm just going to sum up some of the highlights of the ninth episode of season 9, "Namaste."
* We see a little more of the Ajira 316 incident, in which Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid traveled in time, while the rest of the poor souls aboard crashed (I'm heretofore referring to this incident as the flash-crash). Before things get hinky in the cockpit, there's an odd exchange between Lapidus and his co-pilot. Odd because Hurley is apparently the only member of the Oceanic 6 that the co-pilot recognizes. I know Hurley is instantly recognizable, but he seriously didn't recognize any of the others, even after noticing Hurley on the plane? Also, it's odd that he only recognized Hurley as a survivor, not as a lottery winner (as the convenience store woman did) or as the suspect in a recent string of homicides. I doubt this means anything. I just think it's odd.
* After the flash, as Lapidus attempts to land the plane, he sees a runway on the island. In her blog posting, Lost guru Nikki Stafford surmises that this is what Kate, Sawyer and the other prisoners are building while they're held hostage in season three. So, did the Others know the crash was coming? Odd.
* Just as everyone predicted, Sawyer-Kate-Hurley-Sayid traveled to 1977 Dharma-land, and Sun-Lapidus-Ben-Locke's body crashed in the present. Why? Why did they separate? And what is poor Jin going to do when he finds out what happened?
* The reunion between Sawyer and Jack, Kate, and Hurley was great, particularly Hurley lifting Sawyer off the ground and saying he misses Sawyer's nicknames. Also, Sawyer's explanation of where they are, along with Hurley's aforementioned reaction, were also pretty good.
* Interesting mindgames being played by Sawyer and Juliet when the three-of-six start registering as Dharma recruits. First, the mysterious Dr. Chang tells Jack that his aptitude test shows he's best suited for janitorial work. I'm guessing that was a set-up by Sawyer (however, if that really is what Jack is best suited for, it would explain a lot). In other manipulation news, Kate's name isn't on the sub manifest. Just when it looks like she's toast, Juliet pops up with a last-minute "rescue." Oh sure, Juliet. Like we don't know that you're the one who left Kate's name off the list in the first place, as a warning to Freckles not to mess with your man.
* The song playing when the recruits arrive is "Ride, Captain, Ride," a song my ex-boyfriend used to refer to as "Fly, Fatass, Fly." So now, every time I hear it, I have "Mallrats" flashbacks.
* How great would it have been if one of the foods served at the cookout presided over by "Mad Men's" Jimmy Barrett had been Utz potato chips? Alas, it was not.
* Sayid's discovery and capture by Jin was a pretty amazing moment, and showed Jin relying on the skills he learned as a mob enforcer. He goes from gentle Jin one moment to raging badass in the presence of Radzinsky. Good work by Daniel Dae Kim.
* I don't remember Radzinsky being mentioned before, but, apparently, he was in the hatch before Desmond arrived at the island. Again, I refer you to Nikki Stafford.
* The Muppet Show is playing on one of the screens in the Flame. I didn't notice at first, but my husband pointed it out. I took a closer look and there, sure enough, were Statler and Waldorf.
* Again, where is Faraday? When Jack asks Sawyer if Faraday is with them, Sawyer replies "Not anymore." !!!! Then where is he, Flower Boy?!
* Loved the exchange between Sawyer and Jack in Sawyer's house. Though I thought Sawyer was a little unfair (in those early days after the crash, Jack had little choice but to react. Also, no one else stepped up), it was insightful and in-character. The best part, though, is when Sawyer tells Jack it must be a relief to not be leader anymore and JACK AGREES! I'm not quite sure how to read that moment, but I think it's sincere. Look at all the damage that Jack has done to himself and others by always having to be in charge. Maybe he is grateful not be the one at the wheel anymore. Maybe he's actually happy to have no real responsibilities other than floor mopping and toilet scrubbing.
* I've already mentioned the naming of Ethan, one of the episode's two big gasp moments. The other was when we see the child bringing food to Sayid in Dharma jail. Of course, it was immediately obvious who the kid was, particularly since they didn't show you his face until the episode's last few moments (why would they do that if the kid's identity wasn't significant?). Still, it was a nice twist, particularly given Sayid's veiled look of horror when he realizes this is mini-Ben.
* Overall, a strong showing, if not quite as great as the Locke-focused and Sawyer-focused episodes. But still good, with lots of nice twists. Next week: Looks like all hell busts loose. Woo hoo!

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