Monday, March 19, 2012

"Walking Dead" season finale recap: Beside the dying fire

Spoilers for the season two finale of "The Walking Dead" below. Don't click through if you don't want to know.

OK, kids -- you wanted more zombies, you got them. After a first half that consisted of a lot of sitting around and talking, "Walking Dead" season two definitely provided more action in its second half. We saw the deaths of Dale and Shane, learned what Jenner whispered to Rick at the CDC (that everyone is infected with the zombie virus), had a major zombie attack that killed off two of the more incidental characters on that show (I swear, I had no idea that the older blond woman was name Patricia) and closed with Rick going full-on Jack Shephard "live together, die alone" on everyone (though "This is no longer a democracy" is a much bolder, more potentially polarizing statement).Yes, we had the obligatory scene of Lori getting all annoyingly self-righteous when she learned Rick killed Shane, even though she was well aware he had no choice. But, overall, this was a fairly satisfying season ender. The zombie herd migration and the zombie attack were outstanding, as technical aspects of this show tend to be. And, though I still find many characters problematic -- Lori, Carol, T-Dog -- at least we'll no longer be subjected to Dale's speechifying and Shane's glowering. Maybe I, like many of the non-Rick survivors on this show, am being dumb and naive to hope that things are getting better.
But, if this episode didn't necessarily cement that this show is heading in a more interesting direction, at least it provided some signs of life in a series that I had almost written off at the end of this season's first half.

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