Monday, June 20, 2011

"The Killing" season finale recap: "Orpheus Descending"

Spoilers for "The Killing" first season finale below. Don't click through if you don't want to know.

Oh, COME ON! What the hell, "The Killing"?
You drag us through an entire season of twists and turns and red herrings, and this is how you leave us? With a last minute twist that basically negates everything the past few episodes have been telling us? Are you out of your Goddamned mind??????
OK. I feel a little better now. But I'm still furious that, after starting the season with such promise, "The Killing" devolved so amazingly over the course of its 13 episodes. I thought it was starting to climb its way out of the pit a little bit with the last two episodes -- both of which were fairly good. And, despite all the hate being spewed at it, I must admit that a good chunk of "Orpheus Descending" was semi-decent. I really liked the sweet conversation between Stan Larsen and Amber Ahmed at the hospital, with neither realizing who the other is. I liked Aunt Terry desperately trying to put her family back together. I liked Linden telling Holder that watching him do math is like watching a dog wear a hat.
But that ending. Oh, my God, "Killing" -- what is wrong with you?
You spend the entire episode letting us think Richmond killed Rosie Larsen, then, at the last minute, reveal that Holder FAKED THE TOLLBOOTH PHOTO??? Really?
So, did Richmond not kill Rosie? Was Holder bad all along? Will the final twist turn out to be yet another red herring? And, after an entire season of being jerked around, does anyone care?
That's the real question, isn't it? AMC recently renewed the show for a second season. But will you watch it? I'm actually not sure. I will probably watch at least the premiere, just to see where this is going, and because I admire the performances of Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman as Linden and Holder.
But I might have run out of patience with "The Killing."
Not only did the finale fail to give a decent answer to its season-long question, but it cast major doubt on a character that it spend the entire season making us care about. In fact, by this last episode, Holder was probably the only character I really felt attached to. The scenes with him at his NA meeting, and the episode where he helps Linden look for her son were among the season's highlights for me. I care enough about him to hope that Holder's photo faking was just sloppy, desperate police work (maybe the person next to him in that car was Mitch, the grieving mother to whom he promised to give closure) and not a sign that he was involved with Rosie's murder. But if it is just another red herring, then what? Ugh. This is so frustrating!
Oh, and I haven't even mentioned Belko charging at Richmond with that gun. Seriously -- what the hell?


The Colonel said...

I was torn between actual concern about what was happening to the characters and what appears to be cheap storytelling. Does Holder not think that the truth about the toll booth camera wouldn't come out, and soon? What's the game there?

I'm curious about how the hell they're going to explain all this, and that's pretty much it. That ending was a straight kick in the nuts.

Ms Andisue said...

Can you say "Lost"? Why all the hate when Lost, which we loved, did this kind of thing to us all the time and we ate it up? I can't wait for the next season. The Killing is one of the most intelligent shows on TV now and while Boardwalk Empire was on hiatus I was happy to have something smart to watch.

Anonymous said...

We were out of town and unhappy about missing the finale. We thought we'd hear who DID kill Rosie. Now, I'm glad we missed it. Do I intend to watch it next season? Not a chance. It was already getting too lengthy and not getting anywhere but we'd decided to stick until we found out who the killer was. Another season of watching would just be a waste of time!