Sunday, July 25, 2010

"True Blood" recap: It is unwise to upset Talbot

Spoilers for this week's episode of "True Blood" below. Don't click through if you don't want to know.

Am I wrong for feeling like not very much happened on this week's episode of "True Blood"? Oh sure, we did get to see Tara cave crazy Franklin's head in with some sort of medieval weapon (was it a mace? Who's up on their ancient weaponry?). And yeah, Lorena nearly bled Bill out, but somehow, even that managed to be somewhat boring (seriously -- who lectures someone as they're being worked over with the "Marathon Man" dentistry playset? The only word coming out of my mouth under those circumstances would be "YOWWWWWW!!!!!"). And yes, at the end we FINALLY had the much anticipated showdown between Sookie and Lorena, but we won't see how that turns out until next week's episode.

Other than that handful of big things, not much really happened. In fact, I found the episode a little bland. You had a bunch of scenes with characters having tense, urgent conversations that ultimately don't lead to much. Russell and Sookie have a discussion about both of their powers that doesn't really tell us anything new about either of them. Lorena's patter as she tortures Bill is just a variation on her typical "Why do you insist on clinging to your humanity?" spiel. Russell and Eric share a very tense car ride to Sophie Anne's. Then, there's that tense confrontation with Sophie Anne, in which Eric threatens to fling her head in a pool. Alas, this is not to be, as Sophie-Anne decides to take a break from her busy lottery-ticket-scratching schedule to marry Russell.
There's also the sniping between Jessica and Arlene. The scolding from Melinda to Tommy. The foreplay -- verbal and otherwise -- between Lafayette and Jesus, which peters out when Jesus learns Lafayette is a drug dealer. The tense make-out session between Jason and Crystal which goes nowhere because she's apparently engaged.
Blah, blah, blah.
Look, I know this week's episode was essentially just a build-up for some big stuff to come, but the season's roughly half over now. The build-up should be over. Bring on the carnage! Seriously. I am missing the freaky-bloody-sex-crazed "True Blood" of old. And yes, by "of old," I'm referring to last week. Still, I'm really eager for things to pick up soon.
At any rate, here are some more of my thoughts on "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues":
* Despite all my complaints, this episode did have its moments. I particularly liked Talbot and Sookie screeching at the same time when Bill killed one of Russell's minions. In fact, anything with Talbot was comedic gold. I loved his tantrum when Russell asked to take Eric for a ride. "You never take me anywhere!" Sigh. Can we have some sort of spin-off where Talbot hosts an undead version of "Extreme Home Makeover?" I would totally watch that. "Move that coffin! Move that coffin!"
* Also loved Tara getting all freaky with Franklin as part of her effort to rescue herself and Sookie. And the scene with Tara mentally warning Sookie that she was planning to get them out was pretty neat. And, of course, her bloodthirsty beat down of Franklin was awesome (though, I'll kind of miss crazy hot Franklin. RIP you sexy nutjob, you). OK, I'm a little frightened to admit this, but I think I like Tara again. At the very least, I will say that Rutina Wesley is killing it this season. Her look of stomach-churning reluctance as she prepared to bite Franklin was pretty great.
* Um, Jason -- you're an adult. When adults go out to woo pretty crazy girls, they typically don't wear their varsity jackets. Just a tip from me to you.
* And while we're on the subject of clothes, does Debbie not own a whole shirt? Is it all mesh and bikini tops? And does she EVER wash her hair? The fact that Alcide is still hung up on this style-free mess really makes me question his judgment.
* Luckily, there was little of Sam and the Mickens clan this week, but we did learn that Joe Lee is seemingly the Michael Vick of the shape-shifter world, sending Melinda and Tommy out to fight in their animal forms. Eh. Still not interested.
What did everyone else think?

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