Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Dollhouse" recap: OMFG!

OK, so, "Dollhouse" resumed its second season death march on Friday after a brief hiatus and may I just say -- Wow. What an amazing, unexpected, brain-smacking episode this was!
This won't be a long post, because I'm still recovering from a rather nasty stomach bug that invaded our home this week. However, I couldn't let this episode go without comment, so here's my brief assessment of "Getting Closer."

Let's start with this week's big reveal. We finally learned the identity of the big cheese pulling all the strings at Rossum...and it turned out to be none other than Boyd Langton! It makes perfect sense, yet seemingly came out of left field. The fact that we learned this bit of news right after a particularly heartwarming conversation between Langton and Echo made it all the more devastating. But what is Langton's end game? Why did he allow Echo to be reunited with Caroline, knowing that it would allow her to identify him as the Dollmaster (yes, that's his new nickname -- deal with it)?
And was Langton the one who ordered the siege of the Dollhouse (and the assassination of Bennett by Whiskey/Saunders)? Or was it someone else?
Clearly, the reveal of Langton as the Dollmaster asks more questions than it answers. But I'm very excited about where this show is going -- and pleased by its ability to pull the rug out from under us in a believable way.
Here are a few more thoughts on "Getting Closer":
* OK, so, I am a little confused about the Echo/Caroline time-line now. We're led to believe that Caroline is made a doll after her meeting with Langton, which followed her break-in with Bennett. Was this the same break-in that got Caroline's boyfriend killed? That would make sense, time wise. But it doesn't look like the same break-in. None of Caroline's other eco-terrorists pals seem to be there. Was she captured twice by Rossum? That would explain why they had a file on her. I don't know. I'm confused.
* Up until Langton was revealed as the Dollmaster, the episode's most shocking moment was Whiskey/Saunders cold-bloodedly killing Bennett Halverson. At first, I thought the murder stemmed from Saunders' intense hatred of Topher; that she couldn't stand to see him happy and had to kill the woman he loved. But we're told she was a sleeper, activated by Rossum. So who did it? Langton? As her lover, he would have the ability to do the task. Or was it someone else? Also, we learned from the Epitaph episode that Saunders is welcomed back into the Dollhouse fold (and has her face fixed). Just how does that happen?
* On a different note, I'm kind of sad for the loss of Bennett, and the side that she brought out in Fran Kranz's Topher. Their awkward romance was sweet, poignant, and vastly entertaining. I especially liked Topher professing his admiration for Bennett with a singularly Topher-ian pick-up line: "You know I always had a crush on you. Even when I thought you were a dude."
* We also learned this episode what Topher and Langton removed from Paul to make room for the Doll architecture: his love for Echo. But Topher said he only removed the connections that were the freshest, so I assume his feelings for Caroline remain. Interesting.
* So, apparently, there is no "Rossum." It's just a name, taken from a play -- Karl Capek's 1920 "Rossum's Universal Robots," to be exact. The play is about a scientist named Rossum, who learns how to create human-like machines. No, I've not previously heard of it, but, apparently, Capek invented the word "robot" for the play. The word is derived from the Czech word for "forced labor."

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