Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Gossip Girl" returns: Um, yay?

Last night, the CW's Gossip Girl returned for its third season and I must say I was a bit underwhelmed. It just seems like nothing's really changed, except that Serena's finally admitting that her exhibitionist behavior is just a ploy to get her neglectful father's attention (but seriously -- a girl who acts out that much? Of COURSE she's subliminally begging daddy to love her. Duh. Read a psychology book). Oh, and Blair and Chuck are together and playing creepy games in which he pretends to seduce bimbos so she can show up at the last minute and act all pissed off. Admittedly, that's kind of funny. I'm sure people were worried that the show would go flat once C&B hooked up, and this seems like the show's way of saying: "It's OK. We hear you and we don't want it to get boring either." That said, their little waiter and angry customer role play at episode's end? Kinda lame.
Other than those two things, the episode was same old/same old. Vanessa was annoying. Jenny had terrible hair. Dan kept trying to pretend he's just Danny from the block, even in a limo, penthouse and Dior suit. Yawn. Even Scott, Rufus's illegitimate son who's hanging around Vanessa in order to gain entree into the Humphrey inner circle, is kind of bland right now.
But, next week, the kids head to college and Georgina comes back. And Dorota's going to be on it! Yay! Love Dorota! Where was she this week? I would have loved to see her take on Blair and Chuck's sex games.
Oh well. Here's hoping things pick up a bit.

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