Friday, August 7, 2009

"Burn Notice" summer finale recap: "Long Way Back"

I don't have much time, but I did want to post a quick recap of the "Burn Notice" summer finale, which aired last night on USA. (Spoilers below).
In last week's episode, Fiona decided to leave rather than watch Michael go back to his old job, and Michael realized he'd have to choose between her and the job. He seemed to be leaning toward the job. But this week, he was faced with an even more concrete choice between the job and the girl, when Thomas O'Neill, an old enemy of Fiona's resurfaced, looking for revenge. Michael opted to protect her. In fact, when Strickler revealed that he was helping Fiona's would-be assassin because she was an inappropriate associate for Michael during his new-found quest to come in from the cold, Michael shot the sleazy agent dead. Now he's more isolated than ever.
I like that the episode showed Michael's human side, and that he chose his love for Fiona over a job that seems to constantly require compromise and sacrifice, with little promise of reward. It also sets up a good "problem" for the next chapter in the show: What will happen to Mike now that he has, apparently, no friends in high places? Will he rely on some of the less prestigious buddies he's made this season, such as the cop and the whacked out math genius?
We'll see.
Here are a few more highlights of the "Burn Notice" summer finale, "Long Way Back."
* Best line of the night, from Sam: Calling O'Neill and his cronies "The sons of the Lucky Charms revolution." Ha!
* Know everyone hates Fiona's Irish accent, but in an episode where we saw her Irish-accented brother and her Irish-accented nemesis (and in which Michael resumed his Irish-accented persona Michael McBride), it seemed odd for her not to use it, no? I thought I heard her slip into it briefly when she was upset, but it seemed inconsistent that she didn't use it the rest of the episode. Maybe there were fears that Gabrielle Anwar's ridiculous accent would disrupt an otherwise serious episode.
* Loved that Sean called Michael's American accent "dodgy." Ha, again.
* Poor Ms. Reynolds. Last week she loses her Sammy time, this week she loses her Buick. Oh well.


João said...

Hey, guys!

I'm working on this episode's translation to portuguese (amateur translation team) and I'm having a hard time with the expression mentioned above, "the sons
of the Lucky Charms revolution".

Could anyone give me some hints about it?


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