Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some quick Emmy impressions...

So, as you might know, today the nominations for the 61st annual Primetime Emmys were announced. I don't have a lot of time to write about it, but here are some of my initial impressions on the noms. I promise to have a longer piece in tomorrow.
"The Shield" gets The Shaft: Can I tell you how mad I was that FX's brilliant drama "The Shield" got NO major nominations for its insanely fantastic final season? No best series nod. No nod for lead actor Michael Chiklis. And, most incredibly NO NOMINATION FOR WALTON GOGGINS. That was the one nomination I was pulling for, more than any other. I am beside myself. For real.
Some "Big Love" love, but not enough: Here's what made me happy -- a best drama nomination for HBO's wonderful "Big Love," which arguably had its best season this year. Here's what made me sad: No nominations for any of "Big Love's" actresses, even Chloe Sevigny, whose work this year was simply astounding. But not to Emmy apparently.
"Conchords" takes flight: Looks like HBO's quirky comedy "Flight of the Conchords" just got one step closer to being picked up for a third season. The show earned a best comedy nomination, and one of its two stars -- the wonderfully sly Jemaine Clement -- get a best actor nod. While I think this season wasn't as strong as its first, I was happy to see this show get some recognition.
More doses of happy: In my longer post, I'll get more into which nominations made me happy, but let say quickly that I was glad to see Elisabeth Moss get recognized for her lacerating work on the second season of "Mad Men" and Aaron Paul get a nod for his wonderful work on this season of "Breaking Bad."
Also, feel free to read my piece from June in which I pushed some potential dark horse nominees. That will give you a clearer a idea of which nominations/omissions pleased/upset me.

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